Police fined 219 people for coronavirus lockdown breaches in Lincolnshire

A national survey of fines issued by police forces under the Coronavirus regulations has shown a low overall rate number of tickets issued across England and Wales with young men receiving the biggest proportion.

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Just one man from Lincolnshire was fined for breaching quarantine conditions by leaving his home during the 14 day isolation, according to officials.

The figures also show that across England and Wales black, Asian and minority ethnic people were issued with a fine at a rate of 1.6 times higher than white people.

In Lincolnshire the analysis, which was undertaken by staff from the Government Statistical Service and covered the period between March 27 and May 25, is said to broadly follow the national theme.

Overall in the county there were 219 people fined during the period. The majority (191) were white while there were 19 BAME (8 black; 2 Asian, 2 mixed and 6 other. There were nine of unknown origin.

However, Lincolnshire Police urge caution when considering the percentage rates because of the small number of people belonging to a BAME group who actually live in or may have visited Lincolnshire during the period analysed. Because the numbers are low, it means the percentages are high when considering ratios.

Assistant Chief Constable Kerrin Wilson explained: “Throughout the Covid lockdown period and to date Lincolnshire have always followed the Engage, Encourage, Explain ethos before any Enforcement activity has been taken.

“For those we have issued tickets to I have ensured the integrity of every single one of these tickets through a centralised scrutiny of them in addition to local management oversight. This ensured consistency and appropriateness of all.

“The total number of tickets issued were relatively low, only 219 out of a population of 750,000 in a two month period. Lincolnshire has a population made up of 97.6 per cent white and 2.4 per cent B.A.M.E. From this only 19 fines were issued to B.A.M.E. individuals and of those 12 were visiting the county from other force areas.

“I welcome this report. I would urge those who are interested in this report to really look at the comparison data rates and understand the whole picture. For us it makes sure we continue to examine ourselves and our practices so that we are aware of disproportionality, and the need to avoid any complacency on the part of individual officers or the Force.”