Travel expert defends Mablethorpe after low ranking in 'Which?' seaside survey

Travel expert Simon Calder has defended Lincolnshire’s beaches - including Mablethorpe and Skegness - following low rankings in a recent survey on the UK’s seasides.

Mablethorpe beach at sunset (Photo: Mablethorpe Photo Album Facebook page)

As reported in last week's newspaper, Mablethorpe has been ranked fifth-from-bottom in a list of the UK’s best seaside towns - with nearby Cleethorpes featuring eighth from bottom, and Skegness beach featuring in last place.

The list, published by ‘Which?’ magazine online last weekend, featured ratings for the beach, attractions, scenery, peace and quiet, and value for money in more than 100 seaside towns based on results from a survey completed by over 3,700 visitors.

While Mablethorpe’s beach was given a good 4/5 rating, other criteria fared less well: attractions (1/5), scenery (2/5), peace and quiet (3/5), value for money (2/5).

Mablethorpe’s overall ‘town score’ was 52 per cent, in contrast to Cleethorpes (54%) and Skegness (44%). The top-rated seaside in the UK was St Mawes, Cornwall (85%).

At the weekend, travel correspondent Simon Calder wrote an article in defence of Lincolnshire's beaches.

Writing in The Independent, Mr Calder said: "Which? members clearly have it in for seaside resorts that are popular with the masses.

"When asked “to rate the beach, attractions, seafront and scenery for more than 100 seaside towns and villages in the UK”, they also laid into Great Yarmouth, Clacton-on-Sea, Bognor Regis, Mablethorpe (sister resort to Skegness) and Blackpool."

"All the resorts in the last six places in the survey have seen better days, but this summer they will provide great holidays and day trips for millions.

"I fear, though, that the Lincolnshire coast may be quieter than it should be as a result of the 'Which?' poll.

"You don’t go to Skegness on the way to anywhere else – except possibly poor, maligned Mablethorpe.

"Which? does formidable work to provide the traveller with consumer information and lobby government on their behalf, but I suggest it reconsiders the terms of its annual seaside survey."

Concluding his article, Mr Calder wrote: "Here’s a quick survey of my own: should 'Which?' members really be allowed to take part in future travel polls (and even general elections)?

"British seaside resorts are fragile. They need love, investment and visitors – not to be kicked while they are down."

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