Epworth skate park opens next month

Skateboarders in the Isle can enjoy their ollies, flips and slides in a brand new venue from December.
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Epworth’s exciting new SK8 P4rk opens on December 12, with Isle MP Andrew Percy joining skateboarders to mark its launch.

North Lincolnshire Council worked with the area’s young people, the Axholme SK8 P4rk Committee and South Axholme Academy to develop the new skate park on land to the rear of South Axholme Academy’s building.

The Academy consulted with the wider community about plans and this confirmed the desire of young people for the skate park.

Coun Liz Redfern, leader of North Lincolnshire Council, said: “Young people came up with the idea and put their enthusiastic proposals to us. They have been involved every step of the way, ensuring we deliver what they want. They designed the new skate park and even came up with the name, as it is something young people can relate to.

“This is a fantastic facility for young people that will give them the opportunity to enjoy their free time doing something they enjoy.”