Forget Milan! Alford school puts on style to boost funds

A school in Alford has been putting on the style to help boost its stretched budget.

Vanessa Blakey, Friends of the School's chairperson, pictured left, and Vicky Ross, headteacher, at Alford Primary School's Fashion Show.

Alford Primary School’s ‘Friends of the School’ committee recently hosted a fashion show, presented by The Complete Clothing Company.

In addition to the sale of heavily discounted clothing items, a charity raffle was drawn.

The show’s purpose was to raise money to help fund school projects that would otherwise not be possible.

Sue Robinson and Carole Bateman at Alford Primary Schools fashion show, ANL-190404-161719001

Headmistress Vicky Ross is one of many headteachers across the UK struggling with “increasingly tightened” school budgets.

“It is very difficult to fund things that you know are important” she said.

“You are left with nothing, if not very little, for things that you know will make a real difference to children.”

Thankfully, the devoted volunteers from the ‘Friends of the School’ committee continue to raise money towards projects that will benefit the children.

Alford Primary Schools fashion show, ANL-190404-161707001

Chairperson of the ‘Friends of the School’ Vanessa Blakey, has worked on the committee for over 12 years.

She said: “We have a lovely group of people [who are] always willing to help. We are fundraising throughout the year.”

Previous supplements as a result of successful fundraising include outdoor play equipment, library books and planters.

The school’s latest venture, a library extension, is currently in progress.

Louise Wakelin at Alford Primary Schools fashion show, ANL-190404-161742001