Gainsborough: Delivery drivers urged to remain vigilant after spate of thefts

Lincs Police are reminding delivery drivers to remember not to leave keys in the ignition when they are away from their vehicle after a spate of thefts.
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The most recent happened around 11.30am this morning (Thursday 25th September) and involved a delivery driver in Messingham Road, Scotter, who was pushed by an unknown male offender before his white Renault van was stolen.

In recent days at least two other similar thefts have been reported in the area of Gainsborough and Marton, all involving delivery drivers and vehicles.

Insp Simon Outen said: “I appreciate that as a delivery driver being quick and efficient is of great importance but opportunistic thieves are targeting drivers in this type of job because they know there’s a chance they can make off with a vehicle while a driver has stepped away.”

“Only this week I had the opportunity to do the same with a delivery driver in this area, luckily for them it was the police removing the keys from the ignition rather than a thief driving off in their vehicle.”

“We are asking people to please remember to turn your engine off and take your keys with you, even if you are only going a few yards from your vehicle and for a short period of time.”

“Well practised thieves can steal a vehicle within seconds, especially when the keys are left in the ignition.”

Anyone with information relating to any of the vehicle thefts is asked to contact Lincs Police on 101 quoting incident 138 of 25th September or alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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