Medieval flavour at Tattershall Castle

Tattershall Castle flourished as a hub of medieval life, as 600 year old cooking recipes spread the aromas of history among the many spectators who witnessed Dark Age hunting techniques first hand

Led by the Wolfshead Company of Bowmen, the ‘Dangerous to Delicious’ event was time travel at its finest.

While arrows flew across the backdrop of the Great Tower, medieval re-enactors created an authentic experience on the grounds for visitors, as they were treated to have-a-go archery sessions and thrilling presentation of arms and armour among the vibrant tents that crowded the inner ward.

The hustle and bustle of activities was further enhanced by the great archery display of the day that saw the bowmen compete for the coveted golden arrow.

With the chance to learn on the go about the ancient weapons, armour and cooking of the Middle Ages, combined with the freedom to explore the Great Tower, there was a day made for each and every visitor.

There’s more excitement on the way as the castle prepares for the Medieval Falconry Weekend, swooping in on Saturday, June 29.

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