Notts: Figures show drink driving is still major problem

Despite repeated warnings about the dangers of driving under the influence of drink or drugs, too many people are still risking their lives, according to the National Policing Lead for Roads Policing.

National figures for the summer drink and drug driving campaign were recently published.

During the campaign, which ran from 1st June to 30th June, 63688 tests were administered, of which 4108 were failed, tested positive or were refused.

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During the same period in Notts, police administered 1,071 breath tests of which 73 tested positive, failed or refused to be tested. 20 of those who failed were under the age of 25 whilst the other 53 were over.

Chief Inspector Andy Charlton of Notts Police said: “Drinking and driving is still too prevalent on our roads as these figures show. The problem has not gone away.”

“Here in Nots on average we arrest four drink drivers every single day of the year.”

“We can all play a part in stopping it – if you know or suspect someone drinks and drives try to discourage them.”

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“Despite us constantly hammering home the anti-drink and drug driving message, it is not being heeded by enough people. “

“This puts lives at risk, not only the driver’s and any passengers they may have but also other road users.”

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