Obituary: Barry Burnett

The funeral service for Barry Burnett, aged 72 years of Osgodby, was held at Kirkby cum Osgodby Church.

The Rev Canon Ian Robinson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Barry was born at Louth and spent his working life as a lorry driver.

Family mourners were: Judy (wife); Dan and Lindsey (son and daughter-in-law); Beck and Bronc (daughters); Tom (grandson); Terry and Charlotte (grandson and partner); Michael and Carol Burnett, Neville and Mandy Burnett, Paul and Sue Burnett, Martin and Janett Burnett, Andrew Burnett (brothers and wives); Joy and Denis Wilkins, Pam and Dave Street, Angela and Ken Simpson, Jane and Martin Smith, Olly and Mo Burton (sisters and husbands); Anna Smith (rep Katie); W Burton; Artie Hawbrook; Margaret Bundy; Ian Giliatt; Richard Burton (also rep Linda, Karen, Janet and Sarah); Mr and Mrs B Hookham; Mrs M Weldon; Kath Burton (also rep Alan and the Maultby family); Sue Blackshaw.

Friends at the service were: Mr and Mrs Alan Smith and family; Mr A Bennett; Mervyn Bennett (also rep Ann Bennett; Vicky and Emma Bennett); Mr and Mrs M Banks; Neil and Sandra Harker; Michael Melbourne (also rep Janet); D J Slawson (also rep Margaret Slawson and family); Bernard Wilson (also rep Carol and Dianne); G Wilson; Mr and Mrs J Burkes (also rep the Burkes family); Mrs D Douglas (also rep Mr N Douglas); Debbie Moore; Jean Davidson (also rep Bill); Mr and Mrs D Clarke; Maureen Stanley; V Foster; Phil Holmes (also rep Fran Holmes); Ian Wilmot (also rep Mandy Wilmot); Miss D Richards (also rep Mrs Patricia Richards); Neville and Amanda Burnett (also rep Katherine); Mr P Collins; Julie Picksley; Mr and Mrs G Thompson (also rep Eileen Wilkinson); Mr J P and M E Thompson; Myra Richards (also rep the Richards family); Carmen Sowden; Mr and Mrs L Siman (also rep the Siman family); Mark Siman; Mr and Mrs J Coulson (also rep Mrs C Marriot and family); Richard Coulson (also rep Lindsey, David and Jane); Fred and Gwen Sellars; Mr and Mrs A J Wilkinson (also rep K Hooper; B Wilkinson); Marion Blackstock; Mrs N Weldon; Trevor Taylor; Mr and Mrs G Taylor (also rep Mr and Mrs B Dannat); Paul Bett; A Winfarrah; B Ties; Mervyn Shadlock (also rep Barry Francis); Arthur Quibell; Dawn Lister; Paul Wilson; Alan Wilson; Christine and Rowland Smith (also rep John Horsewood); Mr and Mrs A Bowen; Gwen Benson; Roger Thwaites; D Hooker; Maureen Collins; Caroline Hankins (also rep Trevor Hankins); John and Barbara Cade; Mr H Anderson; Richard (also rep the family and also Phil Richardson); Andrew King; Angela Bryant; John Branston; Mr and Mrs E Burks; Stuart and Jan Jakins; Mr and Mrs J Jackson; Mr and Mrs N Crane; Bronia and Jack Johnson (also rep Amber Care); Adam Holvey; Dean Richards; Charles Cade.