Obituary: David Leslie Howard

The funeral service for David Leslie Howard, aged 69 of Moortown, was held at St Andrew's Church, Kirkby cum Osgodby.

David Leslie Howard EMN-160208-134450001
David Leslie Howard EMN-160208-134450001

The Rev Geoffrey Spencer officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

David was born at Hayton and worked as a self employed agricultural engineer, until his retirement in 2005.

Family mourners were: Jo (wife); Paul and sally, Wayne and Sadie (sons and daughters-in-law); Alice, Hugo, Michael, Jemma, Lucy, Harvey, Connor, Sarah, Charlie and Naomi (grandchildren); John and Brenda Carter (brother-in-law and sister-in-law, also rep Paula,niece); Freda and Michael Edwards (sister-in-law and brother-in-law); Rob Johnson and Alison Andrews (nephew and partner, also rep Edith Johnson, sister-in-law); Sandra Birch, Mark and Mandy Carter, Sharon Mountain, Helen and Darren Steward (nieces and nephews); Jim and Adele Corbett (cousin and wife); Liz and Graham Kirton (cousin/goddaughter and husband).

Friends at the service were: Louis Cobb (also rep Ann); Peter Gleaden (also rep Rosetta); Mr and Mrs P Wakefield (also rep George and Ruth Atkin); Mr and Mrs J Pipes; June Lord; Dennis Pickering (also rep Edna Pickering); Robin Grundy; Mr and Mrs G Taylor (also rep Jim Burks); Nicky McNeil; Keith Knapton (also rep the Knapton Family); Hedley Smith; Roland and Angela East; William East; Teresa Ratcliffe; George Carr; Mick Clayton (also rep the Clayton Family); Joan Woodcock (also rep Brian Woodcock); Ann Todd; Jean Twidale (also rep Martin Twidale); M Heath; Mr and Mrs M Denniss; Jim Denniss; Dave Boyles; Paul Street; Andrew Sharp (also rep Anna and Ania); Cliff and Sylvia Clark; Kevin and Jean Goodhand (also rep James Goodhand); Jeff Hand; Bernard Wilkinson; Tich Rivett; Gina Holmes; Mr B Wilson; Mr and Mrs A Wilson (also rep Mr and Mrs W Wilkinson); Jackie and Ros Thompson (also rep S and M Roach); Mr and Mrs Wright; John and Barbara Cade; Simon Thomas; Neil Harker (also rep Sandra Harker); Adrian Tutty; Mr and Mrs A Dowse; Aubrey Smith; Keith Smith; Mr and Mrs B Fox; Brian and Brenda Dannatt; Shelia Wilmot (also rep Michael Wilmot); David Strachan; Marie and Tony Holmes; Ken Symons (also rep Margaret Symons); Alan Taylor; Jayne Beeston; Janice Tappenden; J Carr; Pip Richards; Peter, Jane and David Richardson; Mick Banks (also rep Jan Banks); Jim Drury; James Drury; John and Carole Parkinson; Jean Thomas (also rep Russell and Linda Thomas); Roy Thomas (also rep Midge Thomas); Stuart Mapplethorpe; Mr and Mrs Wilson; Erina Wilson; June Lord; Ian Wilmot (also rep Hall Farm); Richard Branch (also rep IFM Insurance).