Obituary: Denis Albert Huddlestone

The funeral of Denis Albert Huddlestone took place at St Peter and St Paul Church, Belchford.

The service was conducted by the Rev Pam Fraser, assisted by Mrs P Paige.

Donations amounting to £350 were given to St Peter and St Paul Church.

Family mourners were: Mrs K Danby (sister); John and Janice Danby (nephew and wife); Paul and Patricia Scott (niece and husband); Jack Danby (also representing Katie Danby); Natalie Scott (also representing William Scott); Gordon Maltby.

Other mourners were: Molly Sharp; Steve Sharpe; Anthony Scott; Michael Paige; Mr and Mrs T Mowbray (representing Mrs J Crowley, Mr and Mrs N Mowbray); Mr and Mrs Bandean; Derek Shaw; Fiona Cartwright; John and Gina Newborough; Mr and Mrs R Patchett; Mr Abbott; Mrs Abbott; Mrs Mowbray (representing Graham Mowbray); Mr and Mrs Ian Selby (representing Chris Brown); D Littleworth (representing the Baxters of Greetham); Shiela and Peter Hughes; Carol and Denis Brocklebank (Louth); Jennifer Bryant; Richard Kirby (representing Joanne); Pam and Melvin Leech (representing Darren and Natalie from the Bluebell Inn); Bernard and Mrytle Urry; Stewart and Julie Hodgson; Dawn Urry; Bryan Laughton; Doris Oliver and Jean Oliver; John Jones; George and Deborah Littleworth; Nora Jacklin (representing Angela and Will Jacklin); Margaret and Barry Poucher (representing Maurice Poucher and Sue Cosgrave); Sue Murfin (representing the Village Hall and Howden families); George Oliver (representing John Tear); Penny Moss; Rita Littleworth; Mrs Rita Littleworth; Peter and Marilyn Cotton; June Martin; Elaine Maskell (representing Alan Maskell); Malcolm Laughton; Gail Windley; Tony Clark (representing Ann Clark); D Ward (representing M Ward); Robert Ward; Penny Littleworth; Mrs A Proctor; Mr and Mrs Proctor; Betty Morton (representing Morton family); Jack Oliver; David Cosgrove (representing Sarah Cosgrove).