Obituary: Frederick Albert Cook

The funeral service for retired farmer Frederick Albert Cook, aged 98 years of Glentham, was held at Waddingham Church.
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. EMN-180711-150710001

The Rev Kathy Colwell officiated at the service and arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.

Family mourners were: Gillian Parker (daughter); Sarah Parker (granddaughter); Mr and Mrs S Cook (nephew, also rep Mr G Cook, brother); Mrs G Bartram (sister); Mrs E Hubbert (sister); Mr and Mrs C Bartram, Mr and Mrs J Rippin, (also rep Mr and Mrs G Turner); Mr and Mrs I Clifton, Mr and Mrs B Cook, Mr and Mrs P Cook, Mr P Hubbert, Mrs A Spalding (nephews and nieces); Dr and Mrs W Vessey.

Friends at the funeral service were: Ann Everett; Roland and Angela East; Mont and Myra Mannion; Colin and Margaret MacGill; John Cook; Kaye and Barry Ward; Mr and Mrs P J Cook; Gerald and Betty Parker; N Cullen; David Hawkins; Michael Hawkins; Mrs V Stephenson (also rep Mrs E Hardy); Anne Turnbull (also rep the family, Elizabeth Smithson and also Hilary Raynor); Peter and Jane Richardson; Gill Precious; Colin and Gill Tuxworth; Irene Pickering; Patrick and Julia Cullen

Joan Wright

The funeral service for Joan Wright of Caistor was held at the Methodist Church.

Family mourners were: Mr and Mrs Lamb (daughter and son-in-law); Jacob, Jon, Eve and Felix (also rep John, Sandra and James Wright, grandchildren); Lyndsey Hollamby (granddaughter); Alex and William Hollamby (grandsons); Rebecca Lamb (granddaughter); Elaine Bemrose (sister-in-law); Joanne Lynn.

Friends at the service were: Chaz Payne; Brenda Stanfield (also rep Peter, Andrew and Sally); Mr Smith; Yvonne Woolston; Doreen and Mick Hollamby; Heather Grant (also rep Mike); David Hill; Hilary De Wit (also rep Barbara Chester, nee Bemrose); Eileen and Rae Grieve (also rep Gwen and Jack; Mr and Mrs P Snell); Bridget Andrew; Ros Thompson (also rep Jack); Pauline Shearsmith; Mrs J Drury and Mr J Drury (also rep Margaret Blackburn and Keith); Mrs J Foster (also rep Molly Nafsger); Alex and William Hollamby; Michael Harwood; Olive Shortland; Pam Bradley (also rep Robert Drury); Mrs C Linsell (also rep Caistor Grammar School); Glenis Sheard; Mary Windslow; Chris and Ian Muir and family; Terence Allen; Rachel Grainger and Ralph Rodwell; Judith Hewis; Richard King; Arthur Wilmore (also rep Patricia Wilmore); Mr and Mrs Fraser; Gordon Rodgers (also rep the family); Margaret Glentworth; Louise Dean; Clare and Ian Lang; Paul Laverack (also rep Helen Godfrey); Margaret King (also rep the family); Laura Kirkby (also rep Sarah, Paul and George); Colin Garfoot (also rep Daphne and Ian Garfoot); Colin Wood (also rep Motley Brant); Henry and Janet Brumpton; Darren Mckay (also Rep Justin Cleeve); Alan Somerscales (also rep Gill); Harry Minns; Pat Vann (also rep Terry); John Barr (also rep Jayne); Mr and Mrs Rolie Clark; Joan Evans (also rep Deborah Jackson); Mark Evans; Louis King (also rep the King family); Ian Short; Linda and Chris Arthur (also rep Liam John); Susan Squire (also rep Ruby and Daisy Squire; Margaret Lundy); Roy Spall; Mrs A Bemrose (also rep Anne Brotheridge); Mary Dixon (also rep Jean and Les Jaques); Hugh McPhearson; Linda Mason (also rep Caistor WI and also Jacquie Simmons); Lynda Saxton; Judith France; Mr and Mrs T Allen; Eileen Burnett; Carol and Michael Barnes; David King (also rep Zena Bedells); Pat Clarke (also rep Roger); Ann Todd (also rep Helen Todd and also Jean Twidale); Lesley Stothard; Steve and Michael Bell; Kimberley 
Stothard; Kristopher Stothard; Ryan Gilbert.

Arrangements were by J Marshall of Market Rasen.