Book research took Darron far and wide

Darron’s research into the last Baronets took him far and wide.
Lea HallLea Hall
Lea Hall

“There were family papers and I traced some ancestors to interview. I also got access to Charles Anderson’s diaries from the 1800s.”

“They had a house in London as well so I went there to see what it looked like. It was a posh, pillared house in Kensington which was where his wife died.”

The Andersons also had connections around Pocklington in Yorkshire and there are family tombs in Bedfordshire, where Darron interviewed a church warden.

“The first Anderson was the judge who sentenced Mary Queen of Scots to death, he was incredibly powerful in his day,” said Darron. Around 50 people were at the book launch, including Chairman of The Friends of The Old Hall Association Paul Howitt-Cowan. He wrote the foreword to the book, praising it as a “great volume”.

Darron’s love of Gainsborough history was inspired by his mum Thelma, founder of The Delvers local history group.

They plan to put up a memorial blue plaque to the Anderson family and will be holding a fundraising slide show at Lea village hall on 16th March at 7.15pm.

The Last Baronets of Old Gainsborough is £20 and can be ordered from Darron, on 01427 811348. Cheques should be made payable to The Delvers.