Peterborough MP Opinion: Peterborough Heroes - time for me to thank some of you

Those that follow me on social media will see that I am running a year long effort called Peterborough Heroes.

Week in and week out, I am identifying people who have either achieved something great - have given a lifetime of service - or who are very special to our city and surrounding area.

The plan is to shout about the best of our city. The best thing about Peterborough is the people themselves. Eventually I am going to bring these heroes together and show the country what we are all about.

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Do let me know by emailing me at - [email protected] - if you know someone who deserves a shout out.

Just a taster of the sort of people who have inspired me recently - my heroes:

Mukhtar Malakzai – He was an interpreter working with British Forces in Afghanistan. His work undoubtedly saved many lives - and he risked his own to work with our servicemen and women.

Rob Fisher and Miriam Whittam and the rest of the team at the Bretton Project – For no other reason than supporting their neighbourhood, these super people organise community events, bring people together, and help those who are struggling.

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Nanna Lynn and Carol Smith – These wonderful ladies have literally looked after a whole generation of village children working at the Smiley Faces Day Nursery, Thorney, for 23 years.

Aled Hipgrave and the team at Andy’s Man Club Peterborough – This young man helps run the popular men’s mental health charity - offering free-to-attend talking groups for men.

Rony Choudhury – This city legend owns the Bombay Brasserie. He has been successful since coming to our city decades ago. But he is also committed to charity work and was a star during Covid giving away hundreds of meals to those struggling.

Dan Harris – An amazing man and campaigner on autism and neurodiversity. His advocacy for his son Joshie Man and his work for Medeshamstede Academy is inspiring.

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John and Rosie Sandall – This wonderful couple have dedicated themselves for 25 years to the Chernobyl Children’s Appeal in Chernihiv, Ukraine.Peterborough Sports FC – A quick shout out to Grant Biddle, Jimmy Dean and all the players and staff at Peterborough Sports. The journey this super little club has been on to get to the National League system is an inspiring story. What a great win a few days ago.