‘Open Door’ policy

I read, with some amusement, John Mann’s column in last week’s Guardian in which he went to great lengths to state that he had voted for an amendment to the Immigration Bill to ensure that foreign criminals were deported.

Either Mr Mann has a short memory, or he must think the people of Bassetlaw have short memories, but I think he will find it was his party, Labour, who under the leadership of Tony Blair along with Robin Cook instigated the ‘open door’ policy on Immigration and it was his wife, Cherie Blair, who brought about the ridiculous and much abused ‘Human Rights Law’.

As far as his derogatory comments against UKIP, I would suggest that they are the only party who actually put the interest of the ‘British’ people first with regard to a sensible immigration policy and who would stop the constant interference in the running of ‘OUR COUNTRY OUR LIVES AND OUR LAWS’ by Brussels. The elections, next May should be quite interesting.

Tony Clayton

(via email)