Aliens can't be blamed for demise of '˜dishes'

For more than 60 years, they were part of the Wolds landscape...a familiar sight for miles around.

However, everyone has been asking what has happened to the iconic radar dishes at the former RAF Stenigot station on the hills above Donington on Bain.

There were four giant dishes...but now just one remains.

Various theories have been put forward about their disappearance, including suggestions they had been taken by aliens. Perhaps not seriously!

Now, though, the mystery has been solved.

According to reports, a construction company ‘chopped up’ the dishes and sent them to a scrapyard to be ‘melted down.’

The site no longer belongs to the RAF and is under private ownership.

Confirmation of the fate of the dishes has come as a shock to many people.

Resident Adam Taylor said: “The dishes were part of our heritage, part of the Wolds landscape.

They disappeared overnight, and it’s wrong they have been scrapped.

East Lindsey District Council said they are ‘investigating’ but it is not clear what, if any, action they can take.