Calls to seek partners to hold more events in Skegness Tower Gardens

Skegness Town Council is to explore ways to allow the town park host more events after concern it is underused.

There has been a call for greater use of Tower Gardens in Skegness for activities.
There has been a call for greater use of Tower Gardens in Skegness for activities.

Hundreds of people will visit Town Gardens this month for the return of the Carnival 999 Day.

However, some councillors say the facility, which the town council has run since the transfer of the asset from ELDC, say there is still scope more activities in the park.

The matter was raised in a motion at the public meeting of the council, proposed by Coun Steve Kirk.

He said: “There is a desire of the residents to see more events and activities take place within Tower Gardens and for these to be more diverse.

"Within the current staffing structure, there is no capacity to deliver this. There is also no budget allocation to undertake someone to do this role.

"It is therefore proposed that Skegness Town Council seek partners who are suitably experienced to work in collaboration and deliver an increased number of events, activities and displays in Tower Gardens.

"Although the council recognises its responsibilities as the land owner, it is now envisaged that it will be the primary delivery agent for such events and activities.

"Its role will be that of facilitator with the council maintaining a position of oversite.”

In the public meeting earlier, former councillor Malcolm Gabbitas raised concerns that people using the park were not allowed to use the toilets in the Tower Gardens Pavilion.

However, Town Clerk Steve Larker pointed out there were public toilets at the entrance of the park.

The motion regarding exploring ways to use Tower Gardens more was seconded by Coun Dan Kirk and moved.