Funding boost for Gainsborough's Riverside Indoor Bowls Club

A campaign to return indoor bowls to Gainsborough has been given a financial boost thanks to the support of a councillor.

Riverside Indoor Bowls (RIBs) are a group dedicated to getting a permanent centre for all from Gainsborough and surrounding area to play Indoor Bowls after they lost the previous venue back in 2018.

Linda Grocock, an RIBs trustee, said: “Coun Trevor Young has been incredibly supportive of RIBs from the initial threatened closure of the West Lindsey Indoor Bowls Club in 2018, helping us on our journey to return Indoor Bowls to the district by having a replacement hall built.

"And we have been grateful for another Councillor Initiative Fund Contribution from him same as we received a few years ago.

Coun Trevor Young presents a cheque to RIB trustee Linda Grocock

"Trevor seems to understand the need for physical and mental well-being for older people and how they and future generations are losing out on a well-loved sport.

"Many different estates are being built within the district, how many of these new residents could be indoor bowlers?

"How many members of the public have not been given the opportunity to attempt this wonderful pastime that can be both gentle and strenuous and, of course, you make friends.

“This pandemic has shown us all that that we do need social interaction and that is exactly what indoor bowling did for generations of indoor bowlers and can do for the public generally.

"The pandemic halted all chances of progressing with RIBs, but we believe that West Lindsey District Council has not forgotten us and that some councillors, especially Matt Boles, Liz Clews, and Lesley Rollings, have been reminding their colleagues that sport and leisure is vital for everyone's health and wellbeing and we, as Trustees will continue working to promote this.

"Thank you again to all our members who have become members even though we have no Indoor Bowls Hall at present.

"Please continue to support RIBs with future fundraising.

"We have found the West Lindsey Lottery very worthwhile and thank all those who have nominated RIBs as their chosen charity, this does bring in a welcome steady income.”