Gallantry Medal for brave off-duty Louth PC

​PC Steve Denniss.​PC Steve Denniss.
​PC Steve Denniss.
​A brave Lincolnshire Police officer has been awarded the King's Gallantry Medal for his heroic actions in apprehending a double murder suspect in Louth while off duty.

​PC Steve Denniss was walking his dogs near the Hallington entrance at Hubbard’s Hill on June 1 2021, when he spotted Daniel Boulton, suspected of the murders of Bethany Vincent, 26, and her nine-year-old son DJ, who had died of stab wounds at their home in Louth the previous evening.

PC Denniss approached Boulton, who responded by attacking him by kicking and punching him, and stabbed him in the leg.

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Thankfully, PC Denniss was able to call for back-up and Boulton was arrested, and sentenced to a minimum of 40 years imprisonment for Bethany and DJ’s murders in 2022.

And now, PC Denniss has now been awarded the King’s Gallantry Medal, which recognises the bravery of people who put themselves at risk to save, or attempt to save, another person’s life.

He said it was a “great honour” to receive this medal and that he was “really humbled” by it, but also paid tribute to Bethany and DJ.

"I must also acknowledge my colleagues on that day as well because if it wasn’t for the firearms team and other officers who arrived within minutes, it could have been a very different outcome,” he said.

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“It’s lovely to be awarded this medal for just doing my job, but I do especially think of Bethany and DJ on a day like this. I would prefer to have never been in this position in the first place if it meant they were still here, among the people who loved them.

"I know I’m not alone in feeling this way, and also that I’m not alone in my actions because I acted instinctively, and many other officers would have done the same.”

PC Denniss will be invited to a special award ceremony at a later date to receive his medal, and Chief Constable Paul Gibson said he was “incredibly proud" of Steve and “thrilled” that he has been recognised in this way:

“It’s been said many times before, but has never even truer than what we saw from Steve in 2021 – police officers are often the people running towards danger when everyone else is running away.

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“Steve’s quick-thinking and lack of worry for himself played a huge part in Boulton being arrested without anyone else being harmed. The danger he posed to the public at that point in time – a warm day in a busy open space – was up there at a high level, and Steve's actions, coupled with those of other officers, brought to an end a truly tragic set of circumstances.”