Go ‘wild’ by signing up for 12 Days Challenge

Sign up for a 12 Days Wild winter challenge and let nature bring some festive cheer
12 Days Wild12 Days Wild
12 Days Wild

‘12 Days Wild’ is the Lincolnshire Wildlife Trust’s heart-warming Christmas challenge encouraging people to do one wild thing a day from the December 25 to the January 5.

A mini, festive version of summer’s 30 Days Wild, the 12 Days Wild challenge is a reminder that even during the longest days and darkest nights, the natural world has amazing things to offer.

It can help us feel better connected with the outdoors and to each other as thousands of people across the UK take part and share the fun and inspiration online.

12 Days Wild12 Days Wild
12 Days Wild

Spending time in nature has given many of us a boost this year.

We can feel happier and healthier outdoors, and carrying out small, Random Acts of Wildness might just help to banish some blues this winter.

Anyone can sign up online to receive free online activities packed with inspiration - head to www.wildlifetrusts.org/12dayswildFavourite ideas from The Wildlife Trust’s team behind the challenge;

· Walking off your Christmas dinner in the local park, nature reserve or woodland

· Recycling your Christmas tree

· Admiring the beauty of a winter sunset

· Going for a frosty walk and feeling the crunch underfoot

· Investigating animal tracks

· Finding a rainbow of outdoor colour - still possible in the winter

· Taking close up photos of a frozen world – cobwebs, leaves or ice patterns in a puddle

Ambassador for The Wildlife Trusts, Dr Amir Khan said: “Winter wildlife is waiting to be explored and the time between Christmas and New Year is a perfect moment to reconnect with the world around us.

“Taking part in 12 Days Wild can help us to feel happier and healthier.

“I love to see all the activities and photos people share online too - many of us need and appreciate that connection more than ever.”

Join thousands of other people taking part this year across the UK and share your activities, photos and video on social media using #12DaysWild.