Louth band reunites after almost five decades - despite a 4,000 mile gap!

A Louth band from the 1970s has finally reunited almost half a century later - despite one of the band members now living over 4,000 miles away!

Chris, David and Pete (pictured together in 2018) have 'virtually' revived their rock band.
Chris, David and Pete (pictured together in 2018) have 'virtually' revived their rock band.

Chris Smith, brother David Smith, Peter Longmate and Andy Womack - who all used to live in George Street - were the four members of the band ‘Fagin’, which was founded in 1968 by the Smith brothers.

The popular local band, which fluctuated between a four-piece and a three-piece, would entertain at youth club dances and village hall parties, performing the current rock and pop hits including Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Yes, The Who, Free, The Groundhogs, plus some material by the unique Lincoln band, Scapa Flow.

Sadly, in the 1970s, further education called - and the band was mothballed forever.

An old newspaper cutting about the band, back in the 1970s before they initally split up.

Well, at least, that was the case until late last year, when Chris received a video on his mobile phone from Pete - now living in Suffolk - of him jamming to ‘Born To Be Wild’.

This was one of the final songs Fagin had played before they had been forced to split up all those years ago.

On a whim, Chris decided to add a bass guitar track and sent it back to Pete and David.

Pete decided to add a percussion track, while David- now living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA - decided to edit the parts together to produce a video, and so, the band was reborn!

Chris told the Leader: “Can’t Find My Way Home is our second project, and three more tracks are almost finished.

“We have been in touch with each other on a daily basis, exchanging tracks and suggestions.

“By the use of computer software we have achieved our goal. Sending large music files, transatlantic!

“We, Fagin, look forward to more music and recording in 2020.”

Find out more, and listen to some of Fagin’s tracks, at www.reverbnation.com/fagin