New campaign launching to help bring Lincolnshire communities together

A new project is being launched in Gainsborough to bring people together to help make a difference to the community.
Participants will walk into a room that looks, smells, and sounds like a cafe. (Getty Images)Participants will walk into a room that looks, smells, and sounds like a cafe. (Getty Images)
Participants will walk into a room that looks, smells, and sounds like a cafe. (Getty Images)

The World Cafe pilot campaign by Lincolnshire Police will see events taking place across the county.

Each event will be fun, progressive, creative, and challenging, designed to get people more engaged in their community and working together.

A World Cafe event increases opportunities for networking and making connections, there are many examples in which groups established through this process have continued to prosper and create increased friendships, the most important aspects of the World Cafe.

Throughout the process the police will become aware of activities, projects, and services that may not have previously been highlighted.

Marc Jones, Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner, said: “Supporting communities to be and feel safe is a priority for my office and any attempt to engage with those communities is to be supported.

“Solving problems and addressing issues will always have a better chance of success with a partnership approach and the world café project is an innovative proposal.”

Mark Housley, operational superintendent, said: “This is not about crime or ASB, this is about anything the community think is important to them, their friends and family.

“It might focus on a particular group, perhaps facilities for young people, or perhaps a focus on a locality such as a public space that can be made useful for everyone, or just helping set up social events and clubs.

“In parts of the country local business has truly stood up to the challenge, helping fund and support issues in the locality from where many of their workforce and customers come, this is about communities which include business, families, charities, schools, clubs, and individuals.

“We are seeking to bring together our diverse communities, neighbours that have never met each other, creating understanding, trust and community."

The World Cafes and Mutual Gain campaign officially launches in September when details of events will be available.