Plans to build a new chicken farm in Ingham have been submitted

Plans to build a poultry farm in Ingham have been submitted to West Lindsey District Council.

The site will be accessed using the existing entrance onto the B1398, Middle Street

The applicants, W & AC Rose (Farms) Ltd, propose to erect a poultry farm at The Cliff, Middle Street, Ingham.

W & A C Rose (Farms) Ltd operate an established farming business from Manor Farm, Fillingham which extends to 2,000 acres and is in arable production producing combinable crops and Christmas trees.

The applicants propose to diversify their agricultural business through the development of a poultry unit which will be used for the production of broiler chickens.

The planning statement says: “The proposal poultry farm extends to six poultry houses, and will accommodate 300,000 birds per flock.

“The farm will operate as an intensive broiler unit, rearing chicks from day old through to finished table weight.

“The proposed poultry buildings on the site will be purpose built broiler rearing units, constructed of steel frames, with the external cladding being profile sheeting.

“The buildings will be fitted with feeders, drinkers, gas heating and fan assisted ventilation systems. Each building includes a control room which houses a computer system to controls the systems operated in the buildings.

“Once fully operational, the poultry unit will provide full time employment for three full time workers and the applicants propose to build a house adjacent to the poultry farm for occupation by the poultry farm manager.

“Access to the site will be using the existing entrance onto the B1398, Middle Street.

“The proposed development will also provide a significant contribution to the associated services industries within the poultry sector.

“These industries include haulage contractors, chick suppliers, poultry feed suppliers, veterinary and medicine, fuel suppliers, bedding suppliers, catching contractors, cleaning contractors, electricians, plumbers and pest control contractors.

“The added value to the local economy through direct and indirect employment for the development is substantial.”

The Standard approached the applicant for a comment but they did not wish to comment at this time.