Police to seize electric scooters ridden illegally in Skegness

Police have warned electric scooters will be seized in Skegness if ridden in public places illegally.

Six E-scooters have been seized in Skegness so far this summer.

The action comes after concern from the public and continued use of the machines in spite of warnings.

The Coast Policing Team have spent the summer educating and advising people and businesses of the legal status and so far six E-scooters have been seized.

However, police are now adopting an enforcement approach.

Insp Colin Haigh said: "“Inconsiderate riders are becoming a menace on our roads and pavements, ignoring the law and causing dangers for other road users and pedestrians.

"We are taking decisive action by seizing E-scooters at every opportunity to prevent it becoming more of an issue.

"The public tell us that they don’t feel safe when walking on pavements and the use of E-scooters on the roads is a danger to the rider and other road users.

"All E-scooters will now be seized if they are being ridden in public."

E-Scooters can only be used on private land, with the consent of the land owner.

They are illegal to use on public roads, including pavements. The only exception to this is where there are government trials ongoing, with rental scheme in some areas, with tight restrictions. Lincolnshire is not included in the trial.

Transport minister Rachel Maclean recently told the Times that retailers were breaking the law by failing to carry clear disclaimers that the privately-owned vehicles are banned everywhere except private land.

Trading Standards departments at local councils could launch prosecutions.

E-scooters can legally be used on roads and cycle lanes if they are rented from licensed operators in 50 towns and cities across the country.


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The vehicles, which can reach 40mph, are limited to 15.5mph when rented. Police have seized thousands of e-scooters being used illegally this year - 2,000 in London alone.

More information can be found at https://www.gov.uk/guidance/e-scooter-trials-guidance-for-users

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