Pop-up recycled art delighting Saltfleet residents

Those in Saltfleet who may have spotted some unusual art are being urged to get involved and try it for themselves.
Glen and Billie with their planters.Glen and Billie with their planters.
Glen and Billie with their planters.

Blooming Saltfleet has seen various unusual pop-up art, made out of recycled and repurposed materials, brightening up the village by its dedicated volunteers.

The initiative was set up by local ladies Billie and Glen when Billie wanted to do something with the small patches of wasteland around the village.

Before long, things such as old pallets being painted up to make new works of art and old tractor tyres reused as planters with colourful flowers inside, and Saltfleet Parish Council joined forces with the group to provide bulbs for their plans.

Blooming Salfleet's pop up art.Blooming Salfleet's pop up art.
Blooming Salfleet's pop up art.

Spokesman for the group, Meryl Cunliffe, said: “People have been loving what we’re doing and have donated plants and bulbs to us, it’s been brilliant.”

Other installations have included old wheel trims painted to create eye-catching flower designs and old furniture repurposed to make planters, which have been placed strategically around the village.

Next on the Blooming Saltfleet agenda will see their biggest project yet, as an unused boat is being given a floral makeover to create a largescale work of art to be situated at the entrance to the village.

Meryl said: “It’s been brilliant how people have got on board with this, and people form other villages have been saying how they want to do something similar in their villages.”

Blooming Salfleet's pop up art.Blooming Salfleet's pop up art.
Blooming Salfleet's pop up art.

Now anyone who wanted to get involved and help the volunteers to continue their hard work brightening up the village are being urged to get in touch.

The volunteers also need more donations of bulbs, so if you can help the volunteers, visit their Facebook group to get in touch at https://m.facebook.com/groups/480163933915542/

Blooming Saltfleet's pop up art.Blooming Saltfleet's pop up art.
Blooming Saltfleet's pop up art.
Billie and Glen.Billie and Glen.
Billie and Glen.
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