Statement from the Presidents of Churches Together in All Lincolnshire

“As the senior leaders of Christian churches across Lincolnshire, we want to put on record our respect and appreciation for the responses throughout the area to the present crisis; we consider such a diversity of efforts to be wholly inspiring.


“Local groups, charities, churches and faith communities have come together, almost as never before, to meet the needs that have arisen as a consequence of the necessary measures put in place to reduce the impact upon the NHS and save lives.

“The resilience of the city, towns and villages, together with their compassion for one another within them, has been heartening.

“The commitment and sacrifices of people in many varying occupations, especially the medical and caring professions, but so many others too, has been deeply impressive.

“We are proud to belong to a county that has achieved much thus far. 

“We have an unshakable hope that, together, we will continue to face whatever lies ahead with fortitude and faithfulness.

“The emergency is an enormous trial for us all.

“The lockdown itself has been hard in numerous ways, there have been physical and mental health challenges for large numbers of people, some relationships have been strained and there is anxiety about the financial impact upon homes and businesses, large and small.

“Concerns about the education of our children and young people are understandable.

“There is also the growing realisation that getting through this will take much longer than we had first imagined.

“Nevertheless, we believe that in the future ours will be a different but stronger society, valuing human contact, interaction, kindness and human compassion again.

“We will take with us into the future that which we have learned, not least that every single life matters and is above economic concerns. 

“Our faith teaches us to hold fast even in the midst of an epic struggle, and that in this Easter season doubt, darkness and death are overcome by hope, light and life.

“We will continue to pray for all who are suffering as a consequence of this crisis, for all frontline workers, for those who provide for us and for the leaders of Government, both local and national.