Where is all the rubbish going? Not to Kirkby on Bain that’s for sure...

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The Kirkby on Bain site but why are people staying away?The Kirkby on Bain site but why are people staying away?
The Kirkby on Bain site but why are people staying away?

On the face of it, Kirkby on Bain has a lot going for it, except for one thing - and we’re not talking about flooding, speeding cars or potholes either.

It appears very few people are using the local recycling centre.

And that has led to quite a bit if head-scratching among the powers-that-be at Lincolnshire County Council.

They want to know why when similar recycling centres in Louth are running at over-capacity, the figures for Kirkby on Bain are...well, garbage.

Ward County Councillor Patricia Bradwell, deputy leader of the authority, said: “Since we’ve reopened tips across the county – we’ve seen such a variation in usage.

Spalding and Lincoln, have mostly been fully booked each day, whereas Kirkby on Bain has been used by less people than pre-lockdown.

“In fact, in the last 30 days, it has only been at 25% capacity.”

In line with all other County Council runs tips, Kirby on Bain has been open several weeks and is dealing with waste, albeit in a slightly different way.

To ensure social distancing, people have to pre book a time slot in advance.

Coun Bradwell explained: “This means each visitor will have the time and space they need to off-load their waste safely.

“We’ve also had to limit the number and types of vehicles allowed onsite so only eight cars can come on site, and unfortunately, we’re not accepting any transit-type vans and pickups or trailers.

“This is to ensure that we maintain social distancing to help keep residents and our staff safe, as well as limiting the spread of coronavirus.”

The authority has introduced a system for specific types of waste on set days.

Coun Bradwell said the 25% figure for Kirkby is puzzling, especially compared to the situation at Louth.

She adds: “All the evidence during lockdown is that people are doing more gardening - and you’d think generating more waste as a result.

“But where is that extra waste going? How is it being disposed of?

“I know some older people are still reluctant to leave their homes. Not everyone will be happy booking a time online but there’s also a phone number available.

“I’d certainly be interested to hear people’s views.”

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