Woman walks the coast to raise funds for marine conservation charities

A 47-year-old woman has been burning off the Christmas calories by continuing her charity challenge to walk the entire coast of Great Britain.

Blue Wilson arrived at Croft Bank for the latest leg of her charity challenge.
Blue Wilson arrived at Croft Bank for the latest leg of her charity challenge.

Blue Wilson, from Selby, had walked 348 miles in 23 days when she arrived in Croft Bank, south of Skegness, from North Shields to complete the next stretch.

Her target was to walk three days, heading south to Boston.

"I am taking on this challenge in stages due to other commitments and alternate sometimes between heading north from last most northerly point reached and heading south," she explained.

Blue arrives in Leverton during her three-day trek.

"I have also walked other long distance paths but now want to focus solely on this."

Blue is fundraising in aid of Surfers Against Sewage and Sea Changers - two marine conservation charities.

"I have become increasingly aware of the perils endangering our oceans, marine life, coastal communities and climate," she said.

"I have seen first hand some of the great work my chosen charities have done and I want to help by contributing as much as possible to their future projects.

Blue started at Croft Bank and headed towards Boston.

"Every year I hope to complete as big a section as possible until successfully completing the entire coastline in an estimated five years."

During her recent trek she endured rain, mud - and a rather angry ram.

"I walked from Croft Bank to Leverton on the first day, dodging traffic and heavy rain to start with before making my way to the sea bank. It was not easy as many of the tracks I found had barriers across. The going was slow as it was incredibly muddy," she said.

"Towards the end I was also confronted by a rather aggressive ram guarding his harem of ewes on the public footpath. He pretty much chased me off growling the whole time

Blue's aim is to walk the entire coast of Great Britain.

"Luckily, I was heading inland to finish the day’s walk anyway. I clocked up 16.5 miles that day.

"The following day I set off from where I’d left the agitated flock at Leverton Lucasgate Sea Bank and progressed to Boston centre.

"There was lots more mud especially when the footpath led me across tractor tyre tracks in a cabbage field.

"It also led me through prison grounds where an officer kindly made sure I got safely through to the other end.

"As I reached the path alongside The Haven I passed the Pilgrim Fathers Memorial and even got a wave from the captain of H&S Wisdom as I filmed the ship heading out to sea.

"When I reached the centre of Boston and a well-earned pint I had walked 11.2 miles.

"On the final leg, I set off from Boston on a much brighter day and made my way to my finish point at Fosdyke Bridge.

"I walked a long while before seeing another person but saw lots of migratory birds as the sun rose. The sea bank went from deep mud to much pleasanter dense grass underfoot so I made good progress passing through Frampton Marsh.

"I got done before noon ready for the journey home and managed another 11.2 miles."

Blue returns to Fosdyke Bridge on January 26 to walk for another three days, aiming to reach Snettisham.

The fundraising target is £4,000 per year per chosen charity, aiming for £20,000 for each by the end of the full challenge.

For further information on Blue's chosen charities and the challenge, visit Blue Wilson Walks the UK Coastline on Facebook.