Caistor council calls for speed limit extension

Caistor Town Council is looking to extend the 30mph speed limit on two of the town's roads.

Caistor news EMN-170817-064018001
Caistor news EMN-170817-064018001

The initial request to look at the speed limit on the town’s Brigg Road came from Coun Steve Critten.

Speaking at last week’s council meeting, he said: “Being a runner as well as a walker, I have put this forward.

“With the new caravan parks down there (Brigg Road), there are a lot more people walking into town and they all have to cross the road at some point.”

Coun Critten went on to suggest the speed limit on North Kelsey Road should also be looked at.

He said: “We now have the new housing estate in North Kelsey Road, so a lot more people are using the footpath.”

Both roads currently have a 30mph limit leading to 40mph on their outer limits.

Following advice given earlier by County Coun Tony Turner, it was agreed to contact Lincolnshire Road safety Partnership to arrange a meeting with them.

However, Coun Carol Mackenzie had a warning to give.

She said: “Unfortunately, wherever you go, when there are speed limits people don’t take any notice.”