Coronavirus Act a “tool for evil” says South Kesteven district councillor in tweets sparking outrage

A councillor who sparked outrage after calling the Coronavirus Act a “tool for evil” and likening Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to “Hitler” has accused opposition members of just “making waves”.

Coun Dr Peter Moseley. EMN-220401-142107001
Coun Dr Peter Moseley. EMN-220401-142107001

The leader of South Kesteven District Council has now sought to distance his party and authority from Conservative Councillor for Aveland ward Dr Peter Moseley after opposition members spoke out on Monday.

Coun Moseley, who also stepped in as chairman of Pointon Parish Council last year having been seconded to the authority on a temporary basis after five members resigned, yesterday [Monday] failed to respond to a request for a comment, and blocked a reporter on Twitter, but today he said: “My social media accounts are my own private, personal ones and are in no way related to any role I play as a councillor. This is clearly stated in my biography.

“I would suggest that whomever has contacted you is using you to “make waves” but if they are in any way offended then that really is their problem, and not mine.

“They have chosen to follow on these platforms, it’s not hard for them to unfollow if they disagree.

“Feigning outrage to make a political point is exactly what I would expect from some, which is why I keep these accounts separate.”

He did tweet on January 3: “Apparently some people with political motivations who watch my tweets have expressed concern at the strong use of words… I couldn't care less. If it takes strong words to make people sit up then so be it! If you can't handle that then please close the door on your way out.”

Issuing a statement through SKDC’s press office, Conservative leader Councillor Kelham Cooke said: “The individual views expressed by Councillor Dr Moseley on his personal Twitter account are not the views of the Conservative Party or South Kesteven District Council.

“We are advised by our Public Health professionals on the best way forward in following their guidelines given, and I echo their message that the best thing we can all do is to get vaccinated and have the booster vaccine as soon as possible.”

A spokesman for SKDC confirmed there had been no change in party or council membership for Councillor Dr Peter Moseley prior to publication.

Coun Dr Moseley, whose doctorate is in engineering, has used his account to argue against masks for school children and vaccine mandates. He also accused COVID stats of being “propaganda” and “misleading”.

He acknowledged vaccinations protected people, but added: “take it for yourself if you choose.”

Tweeting about Canada’s COVID rules and comments from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau around vaccine hesitancy, he said: “Trudeau has lost his mind. He is completely nuts and is holding an entire country hostage.

He later called him a “psychopath” and added: “Yep, we can see Trudeau going all Hitler on the population.”

Coun Dr Moseley took to his personal Twitter account on January 1 to say: “We’re now into 2022… My hopes for this year are many, but the most important one is the repeal of vaccine mandates for front line healthcare staff, and the end to the emergency measures within the coronavirus act.

“It has turned out to be a tool for evil, rather than good.”

However, he does not appear to be anti-vax, tweeting: “A vaccine passport is a divisive control measure which doesn’t have any health or infection control benefit at all.

“To accept them is accepting the loss of your freedom to participate in living. A vaccination protects you, take it for yourself if you choose.”

He also accuses his own government in the UK of “bullying schoolchildren” and “acting like bossy parents”.

The tweets have come under fire from several councillors.

Independent Councillor Richard Cleaver said: “I’m simply shocked that he claims that the Coronavirus Act “has turned out to be a tool for evil”.

“To put up an argument to say that the Act has had some unintended negative effects would be one thing, but to say that it has become a “tool for evil” is a rather extreme claim which either needs to be backed up with some evidence or withdrawn.”

Councillor Amanda Wheeler said:”Likening Trudeau to Hitler is appalling.”

And she pointed to Lincolnshire Hospital bosses declaring a Critical Incident due to COVID cases and staff absence over the weekend.

“I appreciate that Councillor Moseley wants an end to all restrictions and “freedom”.

“I personally think that getting vaccinated and wearing a mask in crowded places is the best way of combatting COVID, ending restrictions and restoring “freedom”.”

Labour’s Councillor Lee Steptoe said: “These views are clearly abhorrent and will undermine public health measures that are needed to protect against COVID.”

He said his party would be meeting this week to consider whether to lodge a complaint to the council’s Monitoring Officer.