North Kesteven District Council to consider report on mobile coverage issues

Around half of residents in North Kesteven struggle with poor phone reception outdoors in their parishes – despite the whole district being covered by at least one provider.
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However, indoors the number of complaints rise to around 70 per cent.

Councillors at NKDC next week are set to hear the results of a survey of 70 of its parishes which aimed to gauge mobile phone coverage in their area.

“In summary, mobile phone coverage issues are experienced in the majority of parishes, with approximately half of respondents having issues with reception outdoors and approximately 70 per cent indoors,” says the report.

Almost 100 per cent of the district is covered by at least one provider, with 98 per cent of outdoor land masses covered by all operators – above England as a whole which has coverage of 91 per cent.

The report finds that the best overall phone reception across the district is provided by O2 and Vodafone with EE and 3 taking most of the flak – however, the differences vary from service to service and area to area.

Residents were also given the opportunity to respond with comments of their own.

One in Leadenham said: “When you speak to the providers, they happily look at their computers and assure you that there is good coverage – their systems do not reflect reality.”

Several parish residents also reported mobile signal deteriorating I their areas, while others note that social media is often filled with complaints.

Areas with a particularly high response were Threekingham, Witham St Hughs and Cranwell, Byards Leap & Brauncewell.