Labour retains Bassetlaw District Council and takes new seats

The Labour party has won 37 seatsThe Labour party has won 37 seats
The Labour party has won 37 seats
The Bassetlaw District and Parish Council election results have been announced today (Friday, May 3), with Labour retaining control of Bassetlaw council.

The Labour party has won 37 seats compared with five for both the Conservatives and Independents and one Liberal Democrat.The overall turnout in the Bassetlaw council elections was 29.95 per cent.

The results were as follows:

Worksop South: LABOUR. Tony Eaton with 766, Kevin Greaves with 790 and Julie Leigh with 832 votes.

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The Labour party has won 37 seatsThe Labour party has won 37 seats
The Labour party has won 37 seats

Worksop North: LABOUR. Maria Charlesworth with 874, Gwynneth Jones with 826 and Neil Sanders with 843 votes.

Worksop South East: LABOUR. Josie Potts with 945, John Shephard with 788 and Clayton Tindle with 815 votes.

Harworth: LABOUR. David Challinor with 961, Gloria Evans with 986 and Beverley Schuller with 940 votes.

East Retford North: LABOUR. Garry Clarkson with 667, Graham Oxby with 895 and Jane Plevin with 734 votes.

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Worksop North West. LABOUR. Dean Brett with 793, Sybil Fielding with 885 and David Pressley with 830 votes.

Worksop North East. LABOUR. Simon Greaves with 828, Alan Rhodes with 863 and Madelaine Richardson with 774 votes.

Tuxford and Trent: CONSERVATIVE. Keith Isard with 453 and Shirley Isard with 412 votes.

Carlton: LABOUR. Robin Carrington-Wilde with 636, David Pidwell with 644 and Steve Scotthorne with 779 votes.

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East Retford South: LABOUR. Helen Richards with 697 and Carolyn Troop with 679 votes.

Misterton: INDEPENDENT. Hazel Brand with 473 votes.

East Retford West: LABOUR and LIB DEM. James Anderson with 394 and Helen Tamblyn-Saville with 371 votes.

Worksop East: LABOUR. Cliff Entwistle with 834, Deborah Merryweather with 785 and Jo White with 767 votes.

East Retford East: CONSERVATIVE Mike Quigley with 704, LABOUR, Susan Shaw with 728 and Richard Tomlinson with 669 votes.

Everton: INDEPENDENT Mark Watson with 405 votes

Langold: LABOUR. Gillian Freeman with 332 votes

Sutton: INDEPENDENT Robin Boeuf with 381 votes.

Welbeck: LABOUR Kevin Smith Dukes with 324 votes

Sturton: LABOUR James Naish with 436 votes

Ranskill: LABOUR Paul Nicholls with 278 votes

Rampton: CONSERVATIVE Anthony Coultate with 372 votes

Clayworth: INDEPENDENT Benjamin Sofflet with 315 votes

Blyth: LABOUR Jack Bowker with 261 votes

Beckingham: INDEPENDENT Joan Sanger with 558 votes.

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Coun Simon Greaves said: "These are fantastic results for the Labour Party in Bassetlaw. A huge thank you to everyone who was able to support their local councillor in these elections."What we have seen here it is very clear that local people have confidence in the Labour party. We are working to bring jobs to the local community and improve it for the better."We have seen fantastic results in the rural areas. We have fantastic rural communities who are now able to be represented by their local Labour councillors."They now have confidence their councillors will raise issues and improve the local area for the better."I am grateful people have made the time to continue to support us over the next four years."This election also saw the youngest councillor in the country elected with Jack Bowker, who turned 18-years-old in February taking the seat in Blyth.He said: "Thank you to the people of the Blyth ward for voting me in as their councillor."I'm speechless. I am full of thanks. Thank you to the other candidates who put up a good fight and thanks to Barry for his service to Blyth over the last few years."