PM: Brexit success for farmers

Prime Minister Theresa May has told The Horncastle News that she will make a success of Brexit for farmers in Lincolnshire.
Prime Minister Theresa May. ANL-160612-133222001Prime Minister Theresa May. ANL-160612-133222001
Prime Minister Theresa May. ANL-160612-133222001

In an exclusive question and answer session ahead of the hotly contested Sleaford and North Hykeham by-election, she also said the Government would continue to invest in infrastructure across the county.

She said: “First of all I want to be clear that this Conservative Government is determined to make a success of Brexit – including for farmers and people in other agricultural industries in Lincolnshire who do important work for the British economy.

“The majority of the country voted to leave the EU, as did a majority in Lincolnshire. We will deliver what they voted for and seize the opportunity to become a fully independent, sovereign nation – trading with the world, and getting control of our own laws and immigration system.

“Clearly there’s a negotiation ahead, but my approach is to give communities and employers across the country as much certainty as possible. That’s why the Government has made a commitment to guarantee the same level of agricultural funding right through until 2020.

“Our agricultural industries are hugely important to the United Kingdom – not just for the jobs, food and other produce they create, but also for the vital role they play in protecting and sustaining our countryside for generations to come. So as we prepare to leave the EU we must make sure that our agricultural industries, and those who work in them, are given the support they need to thrive.”

With regards to infrastructure, Mrs May pointed to the announcement of £50 million for the Lincoln Eastern bypass as part of the £3 billion being invested to improve roads across the UK, and a new £1 billion fund to improve broadband across the country.

She stated the Government has also protected spending on the police budget, meaning that funding is increasing by £900 million nationally.

Mrs May highlighted further investment in the NHS service – and backed the ongoing reviews into the health service, including the Sustainability and Transformation Plans - to deliver the services where they are needed. She said ‘getting the right services for local communities isn’t just a question of funding’.

“Sustainability and Transformation Plans are local plans being developed by local doctors and communities - not politicians – so the NHS best suits the needs of local areas now and in the future,” she added.