Scunny Bunny runs for TeamVerrico

The Isle’s TeamVerrico cancer charity was boosted at the weekend by a runner bunny at the Manchester Marathon.

Glyn Sparks, alias Scunny Bunny, the Scunthorpe United mascot, undertook the run in full costume to raise £1000 for the TeamVerrico cause.

Mr Sparks is a new trustee of the charity started by Epworth’s Paul Verrico following the recent loss of his wife Anna to breast cancer.

Scunny Bunny met Anna with her children at Glanford Park in November last year, actually on the pitch, and just three days before Anna died.

He said: “I couldn’t believe that someone who was laughing with me on the Saturday was gone on the Tuesday night. The human tragedy of a beautiful girl with two little kids ravaged by some hideous disease was awful.”

Mr Sparks has organised a benefit game of Iron Legends and auction on April 24 from 6.30pm at Birch Park, home of Bottesford Town, with many ex-Scunthorpe players taking part.

He added: “Team Verrico is part of Scunthorpe United. Bunny is delighted to become a trustee of the new charity and support the cause #nevernevergiveup.”