South Reston author releases fourth book

Local author Peter Gray, from South Reston, is all set to release his new novel tomorrow (December 1) .

Peter Gray.

The novel, James Avalon in The Drums of Drumnadrochit, is Peter’s fourth novel and it will be the first in the ‘Avalon’ series.

The new novel will introduce Detective James Avalon as he travels from Wolverhampton to the Scottish Highlands and he tries to solve a mystery that is ‘shrouded in legend’, and it will be the first in the series of three novels - with the second story already in the making.

Detective James Avalon is a man in turmoil, and both his private and professional life is at an all time low - and to make things worse he is seen as a liability to his senior officers.

He has to make a change in both aspects of his life, but how?

Detective Avalon is tested to the limit in an effort to solve the mystery and his life in just ten weeks.”

Barbara Gray, from Tricky Imp Publishing which is the platform for Peter’s books, said: “We have been very pleased with the response.”

“The book will be available at Waterstones, as well as other booksellers and gift shops and online direct from ourselves.”

The new book can be bought from Waterstones online, or from the dedicated new website for the Avalon series (

The recommended retail price is £8.95.