Travel back in time with First World War production

On Stage in Frampton will kick off their new season for 2016/2017 on Saturday with Swan Canaries.
Cast of Swan Canaries EMN-161116-162948001Cast of Swan Canaries EMN-161116-162948001
Cast of Swan Canaries EMN-161116-162948001

Swan Canaries is an award winning production from Arletty Theatre, a professional musical theatre company.

On Stage in Frampton is made up of a sub-group of Frampton Village Hall Community and organises theatre and music performances largely, though not entirely, through Lincolnshire Rural and Community Touring.

A spokesman for On Stage in Frampton said: “This moving and entertaining play tells the stories of women munitions workers during the Great War.”

Swan Canaries follows the lives of Chilwell Canary Girls who filled shells with TNT 
in The National Shelling Filling Factory in Chiwell, the biggest munitions factory in England.

The Chilwell Canary Girls got their name as the chemicals they were handling turned their skin yellow.

In 1918, a devastating explosion at the factory killed 139 workers, 25 of whom were canary girls.

On Stage in Frampton spokesman said: “Based on real events around the biggest explosion this country has ever known, Swan Canaries carries its audiences back to 1918, to tell the story of a group of workers whose heroism earned their workplace the name ‘the VC Factory’.

The play at Frampton Village Hall starts at 7.30pm on Saturday, November 26.

Tickets are priced at £9 available from The Flower Shop in Kirton or by calling 01205 722013.