Worksop: 17-year-old company director starts business with mum

A mother and daughter from Worksop have teamed up to start a new business adventure together.

Maria Carrara and Emelia Nicholls have started Ordered Lifestyles Limited, a company specialising in decluttering homes and businesses and offering the emotional support that is often needed during this stressful time.

Emelia is only 17 and has just finished studying her AS Levels at college but is excited to be a company director. She has enrolled herself on a business course at North Notts College and will work on the venture in her free time.

She said: “It has been challenging juggling work and the business but I am really determined and want to prove that you can make a difference and be successful at a young age.”

The duo started the company because they both have a penchant for organisation.

The business offers help with moving, bereavements, divorces and simple decluttering.

Maria has a background in emotional support having a qualification in Counselling and a degree in Psychology.

She said: “Working with Emelia has been fantastic and she’s so switched on when it comes to things such as IT and social media. Because of the age gap we have different skills”

“She’s doing research on other business ventures already, she shows a real entrepreneurial spirit and they are all viable opportunities.”

The pair feel that Emelia’s college studies will only enhance her capabilities and set her up for further business success in the future.

To find out more about Ordered Lifestyles Limited visit

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