Worksop: Boy ‘excluded’ from school for being late back from loo

A 14-year-old Gateford boy has been ‘excluded’ from school twice this week after returning late from a trip to the toilet.

Outwood Academy Valley, Worksop

McCauley Timmins, who is in year 10 at Outwood Valley, was sent home on Monday 29th September during the day after returning from the toilet two minutes late.

The teen was also told to leave the following day after teachers at the school refused his request to go to the toilet when he was in isolation.

Dad Stuart, of Carrion View, said: “They only allow five minutes to go to the toilet and McCauley was seven minutes. He was only that long because he wasn’t feeling well.” “We nearly didn’t send him to school but we thought he should give it a try.”

“I believe it is a form of bullying, I have looked into it and they shouldn’t be allowed to do it.”

“We want him to go to school and he wants to go to school.”

Stuart and his wife Emma say they have had meetings with the school in the past after concerns he was being singled out.

Mum Emma told the Guardian: “He is doing really well at school but it is ruining his education. It’s been going on for years.”