New game-changing breakfast meal set to revolutionise how we start the day

Give breakfast a shake up

A healthy shake to start the day and breaklfast in the right way
A healthy shake to start the day and breaklfast in the right way

Give breakfast a shake up

Many of us continue to search for ways to live a healthy lifestyle.

For many starting the day with a healthy breakfast is one of the ways in which we can fulfil our health goals.

The Protein Works’ sister company abnormal. is set to launch a game-changing new breakfast flavour to continue to break new ground in healthy eating.

A healthy shake to start the day and breaklfast in the right way

Introducing the brand-new Caramel Latte flavour, a rich and velvety shake layered with a buttery caramel flavour, making a perfect option for breakfast on the go.

abnormal.'s handy paper sachet contains the perfect ingredients to kickstart the day with the right amount of energy, creativity and motivation.

A balanced meal

Each breakfast meal contains an optimal balance of vitamins, minerals, protein, fibre, fat, and complex carbs, plus a range of active ingredients with personalised health benefits that sync to your lifestyle, diet and goals.

Whether you’re a busy parent, fitness enthusiast, always on the go, wanting to lose a little weight, abnormal. recognises that we are all different and our bodies need support in different ways.

Dive into tasty breakfast shake flavours

After a three-minute online questionnaire is completed, abnormal. assesses the elements of the user that makes them extraordinary.

From their day-to-day, nutritional and health habits, a unique formula is created to form the foundations of a powder-based nutritionally complete meal that is breaking new ground in healthy eating.

Catering for all food tolerances

The first product of its kind to consider allergies and intolerances, as well as dairy, vegan, vegetarian and flexitarian options. abnormal. recognises that no two days are the same with forever-changing routines and unexpected interruptions, allowing the meals to be made at any time throughout the year, for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Each abnormal. meal comes with a unique level of benefits to support your body’s needs and health considerations.

For example, if your results show your digestive system could do with a little help, abnormal. adds Probiotics and Enzyme Complex to your meal.

Or if you’re feeling lacklustre during the day, abnormal. adds Coenzyme Q10 and MCTs to boost your energy levels.

Tailor-made for each customer

Adapting to the specific requirements of the customer, the data can also be resynced to create a brand-new meal recipe in a range of delicious flavours, whenever something changes in your life.

Flavours include Strawberry Sundae, Banana Milkshake, Chocolate Swirl, Vanilla Cream and the new addition of the Caramel Latte.

Perfectly portioned, each abnormal. meal uses paper-based single serve sachets so you no longer need to wrestle with a big bag of powder and hunt for a plastic scoop.

As well as building towards a zero food waste economy, abnormal. is also determined to fight the global hunger crisis by donating to the worldwide hunger charity, Share The Meal, each time a subscription box is sent out.

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