Bagley's steady approach

In the Friday Night Dart's League's Pizza Perfection Championship, Ben Bagley played very steadily against Rob Scrupps and won 3-0 with an average of 20.88

Jamie Barnes, also in good form, saw off Paul Taylor 3-0 with his own average of 20.88.

Steve Gartside had to battle hard to come back to beat Alison Royal 3-2 and Ben Bagley faced Trev Day in a good five-legger, Ben just edging it.

In the previous week’s action, Callum Day took a 3-1 win over Jason Lamyman in Division Two.

Wally Almond picked up a 3-1 win against Ali Baker, Ben Leadbeater beat Andy Bird 3-2 and a 70 finish from Ali Baker set up a very good 3-1 win over Jimmy Birtwistle.

In Division Three, Lou Turner beat Liz Chapman 2-1.

Adam Gurton took a 3-0 win over Kayleigh Ledley, Muriel Almond beat Billy Aucote 2-1 and Bob Birtwistle just held on to see off Jodie Royal 2-1.