Fans have their say after visiting Boston United's Jakemans Community Stadium for first time

Supporters share their thoughts after season opener down Pilgrim way...

Fans watch the Pilgrims win 5-0 against Lincoln. Photo: Oliver Atkin
Fans watch the Pilgrims win 5-0 against Lincoln. Photo: Oliver Atkin
Fans watch the Pilgrims win 5-0 against Lincoln. Photo: Oliver Atkin

Boston United finally got the chance to watch a game in the Jakemans Community Stadium yesterday.

The Pilgrims beat Lincoln City 5-0 in a friendly contest in front of a crowd of 1,004 - a sell-out due to Covid conditions.

Some supporters have shared their first impressions via social media.

Some supporters are already beginning to dream big, believing the Jakemans Community Stadium would be a great place to watch professional football.

"The stadium was better than we could have imagined," said Ryan Overton (@renny_overton), who showed his gratitude to the Pilgrims chairman. "Wouldn’t look out of place in the Football League. Even down to the tiny details, it is perfect for the club for many years to come. The game just topped off a great day! Thank you David Newton!"

Scott Burrell (@scottbufc) added: "That ground in the Conf North really is having a laugh. Much better than at least five established FL clubs. Outstanding venue, get that final stand finished and its more than due a couple of promotions."

Another to agree was Nick Watson (@nickalfa1961), who said: "Fantastic experience. A great venue, so proud to be a BUFC fan. Well done to everyone involved, promotion won’t be far away."

Chris Green (@Chrisgreen1967) said: "Acoustics were brilliant, can’t wait for a big game atmosphere. Felt like I was in a league ground. Lovely touches everywhere. I remember going to Rushden's new ground and feeling very envious and feel very proud to call this our home."

The venue and result kept Richard Collins (@LeicsPilgrim) happy.

"Much more leg room in the stands than a lot of new build stands and stadiums that I've been in," he wrote. "Made for a very comfortable afternoon both on and off the pitch."

Another impressed by the stadium and team was @Mitch80M.

He said: "Very impressive ground. Considering today was the first time fans have been allowed in, and with Covid regulations, the whole experience went very smoothly. Very well organised. Well done to all involved. Also what a great squad we have."

After a positive debut, Matt Derwent (@MatthewDerwent) hopes things will get even better.

"New grounds need time to bed in and find their feet," he said. "Look at how the new Wembley was bouncing this summer in the latter stages!"

Andy Butler (@ButlerAndy) was impressed with parts of the stadium.

He wrote: "Magnificent main stand, the envy of many bigger clubs. The rest is bland."

Supporters also shared their thoughts on the new Town End, which does not match the size of the old Kop where Pilgrims fans used to watch from behind the goal.

Callum Bates (@designerb8sy) soon forgot about the comparisons that were made by many prior to match day.

He wrote: "Quickly forgot about those doubts once we got in there. More compact, good atmosphere, decent view. Nowt to complain about. Thumbs up."

Josh Butler (@JoshButlerBUFC) would, however, like to see it a little more elevated.

"Noise seemed good although helps all the BUFC standing fans were in it," he wrote. "Shame it isn't at least 4 or 5 more steps though. That... crossbar! Closer to the pitch than I expected though. Concourse looks tidy and reasonably sized."


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