Jordan Burrow 'could not believe' stat which proves he's Boston United's Mr Nice Guy

Striker tops fair play table

Jordan Burrow is officially Boston United's Mr Nice Guy - and he can't believe it.

Since the turn of the millennium, the Pilgrims striker has played 57 times for the club without picking up a single booking.

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This means he has made the most appearances for the club without being shown yellow.

And Burrow - who will remain at United next season - was so taken aback he joked he must be 'in with the referees'.

"I could not believe that stat. I could not believe I've not picked a booking up," Burrow said.

"I must be really in with the referees, keeping them onside somehow.

"That took me very much by surprise, especially the way that I play.

Jordan Burrow. Photo: Oliver Atkin

"Let's hope there's no bookings and sendings off (next season)."

The list - whose top five includes three keepers - was compiled by Christian James and released on his @BostonUtdStats Twitter page.

Behind Burrow in the list are Peter Crook (55), Julian Joachim (53), Andy Marriott (49 and Tom Evans (48).

Burrow - who has enjoyed two spells with the club in this time - hasn't always managed to stay out of trouble.

"I'm not Gary Lineker," he added.

"I've not gone a full career without getting booked.

"I've had a few reds as well in my career, it must be just Boston where I've managed to not get booked."

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