Gibson sets the early doubles pace

Boston Tennis Club’s Daytime Doubles League is underway with John Gibson, the winner of the previous session, beginning in good form and laying down a marker.
There's still time to book a court at Boston Tennis Club.There's still time to book a court at Boston Tennis Club.
There's still time to book a court at Boston Tennis Club.

He has made a strong start in the current set of rounds.

John played in the top group with Geoff Presland, Richard Tupper and Phil Cosgriff and emerged with the maximum number of games.

The rules see each participant play a set of doubles with each of the other three players to see who can claim the most victories and games.

John claimed three victories from this round as he begun with 18 games to his name.

In the two groups below, Sev Smura, Sarah Grant, Alan Vickers and Charles Tupper are due to play in one, whilst the other group at this level has Sushil Kumar winning his doubles from Kanya Clark, Terry Mastin and Peter Waterfall.

These matches are yet to be played.

Action continues in the Bombay Brasserie Daytime Singles League also held at the Sleaford Road club.

The top group has Jeremy George-Jones, Dan Scott, Phil Cosgriff and Dylan Baker competing.

Geoff Presland, Terry Mastim and Pawel Aranin play in group two.

In the parallel group two Richard Tupper, Chris Mepham and Sue Burnett are all competing.

In the two group threes, one consists of Norma Hunter, Neil Buck and Diane Sharpe whilst in the other there are Jason Pye, Lynda Buck and Philippe Servonat.

In the Bombay Brasserie Evening League, Jeremy George-Jones, Michal Chmielik. Pawel Aranin and Calum McCaig are in group one for July.

David Dunlop, Alejandro Gozalvez and Philippe Servonat make up group two.

Group 3 has Thomas Piggins, Dylan Baker and Trajan Dimsey.

There is still opportunity to book tennis courts for free up until Saturday, July 18 for anyone who would like a game of tennis.

Your court will have to be booked online by visiting .

In addition there are group coaching sessions available during the week.

The groups cover lessons for adults and for children of all ages – beginner and improver.

These activities need to be booked online and are allocated on a first come first served basis.