Life at the top suits Boston Tennis Club's George-Jones

By Mary Smura
Boston Tennis Club.Boston Tennis Club.
Boston Tennis Club.

Boston Tennis Club’s Bombay Brasserie Daytime Singles League Group One consists of Jeremy George-Jones, Dylan Baker, Phil Cosgriff and Sue Burnett.

In the level below, one of the two adjacent groups has in it Richard Tupper, Richard Walker, Tony Wright and Jenny Murphy and the other has Chris Mepham, Pawel Aranin, Phillipe Servonat and Dan Scott.

The overall Bombay Brasserie Winter Singles Day League for 2021-2022 at the end of December sees Jeremy George-Jones unbeaten on 17 points with Phil Cosgriff in second place, beaten twice, on 14 points.

Dylan Baker is third with 13 points and Sue Burnett is on 12 points.

In the mid-table places are Richard Walker, Richard Tupper, Phillipe Servonat and Tony Wright.

In the Bombay Brasserie Singles League Jeremy George-Jones features in the top group once more along with Michal Chmielik, and Calum McCaig.

Group Two has Dylan Baker, Pawel Aranin and Neil Buck with Thomas Piggins, Nick Morris and David Dunlop in Group Three.

In the Daytime Doubles League John Gibson, Phil Cosgriff, Richard Tupper and Sushil Kumar compete in the top January group.

Looking to gain promotion for February from Group Two are Geoff Presland, Tim Rowland, Robert Smith, Charles Tupper on one side of the League and on the other – Sev Smura, Terry Mastin, Diane Sharpe and Alan Vickers.

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