Boston Triathlon Club members overcome the chaos to take podium spot

Action at Huub Triathlon Relay Championship...
Tom Sargeant.Tom Sargeant.
Tom Sargeant.

Boston Triathlon Club members overcame organised chaos to take a podium spot at the Huub Triathlon Relay Championship.

Team Speed, made up of Tom Sargeant, Katie Ball, Matt Purbrick and Emily Purbrick came second in the Mixed Race Team at Nottingham’s National Water Sports Centre.

Billed at ‘organised chaos’, the event is known more for its fun element than racing.

The relays have been a firm favourite with triathletes for more than 30 years.

The format of the day consists of two race opportunities with a morning and afternoon session.

Teams of four people all must complete a 500m open water swim in the regatta lake, followed by a fast flat 15km bike around the lake.

The race is finished off with a 5km run also around the park grounds.

Unlike the traditional relay format, all the team must complete each discipline before moving onto the next one.

With participants being able to rest between their turn, this leads to some exciting racing, and fast times.

A total of 155 teams raced in the morning, followed by a further 135 teams in the afternoon session.

This year saw a total of eight teams represent Boston across the two sessions, with three members even completing the double, taking on the course twice and being in two different


Boston teams: Mel and The Press Ganged 4:04:24, 43rd, AM BTF Open Cat; We Are Speed 3:26:45, 2nd PM Mixed Race Team Cat; Ellen’s Cunning Stunts 3:59:09, 5th PM Mixed Race Team Cat; Tri-ing our Best 3:59:23, 23rd PM BTF Open Cat; The Bollandy Tribe 4:02:53, 27th PM BTF Open Cat; The Boston Badgers 4:12:07, 46th PM BTF Open Cat; The Tri-umphant 4 4:31:15, 86 th PM BTF Open Cat; The Bog Trotters 4:45:02, 96th PM BTF Open Cat.

Boston Triathlon club is open to join for both adults and juniors and offers various training sessions for swimming, biking and running, catering for all ability levels.

For further information about the club visit or email [email protected]

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