Karters are in fine form at Woodthorpe's latest meeting

Last weekend saw karters in action once again as Woodthorpe Kart Club held its latest race meeting.

Karters are pictured in action at Woodthorpe.
Karters are pictured in action at Woodthorpe.

Saturday was practice day with racing taking place the following day, and in great weather and fast driving conditions, there were some good battles on the grids.

Results in each section were as follows:


This is the youngest class of driver from 5-8 year olds.

Jacob Coarkin took the chequered flag with Jenson Parker crossing in second.

Honda Cadets

Won by a long way by Jakob Grun who dominated the race from the start with Dominik Parabok way ahead of the rest of the grid to come in second from Noah Jebson who brought back third.

Junior Max

A fantastic race from Ethan Haigh who took the win from a close second by Liam Hartley and Corey Fowler bringing in third.

Mini Max

A cracking battle between these drivers with Charlie Domonkos taking the chequered flag for the win with Finley Smith crossing the finish in second and new boy Zachary Ward taking third place.

Max Lights

Moving onto the adults, some very fast lap times with James Bark taking the win, Charlie Webster coming in second and Benjamin Tinsley in third.

250 Gearbox

Joe Atkin came home in first place with Dave Hynes taking second place.


This adult class is very quick with some skilled drivers. Taking the chequered flag was Mark Evans with a close Terrance Gospel and Stephen Jackson taking second and third.

Senior Open

Another quick adult class with Ben Arden taking the win, Liam Ferguson coming home in second and Steve Hallett taking third place.

Max 177/Masters

Always a fast and fun adult class with Kieran Leonard taking the chequered flag and a good drive for Andrew Morris in second with Sam Scott coming third.