Top three secure maximum points in Boston Indoor Bowls League

Stephen Boycott rounds up the action...
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Week three of the Evening League at Boston Indoor Bowling Club saw two rounds of matches in Division One.

Eastenders, Holland Fen and Invaders all took maximum points to establish their positions at the top of the table. Eastenders are top, four points ahead of the Fenmen and Invaders.

Nomads and Cosmos, both in Division Two last season, were each pitted against Eastenders and Holland Fen, and were both beaten 6-0.

Eastenders were relentless against Nomads on Monday and Cosmos on Thursday.

Nomads started well on one rink and were leading 9-8 after 12 ends, before Alex Tomlin’s side scored 12 unanswered shots to win 20-9 at the end.

The score on the second rink was 34-3.

Cosmos only trailed 9-6 on Simon Sperring’s rink after eight ends, but Eastenders then scored 21 unanswered shots to win 30-6.

They won by 30-7 on the other rink.

Simon Sperring again kept Cosmos in the match against the Fenmen, the scores being tied at 10-10 at one stage, before Steve Skelton’s team produced the better finish to win 20-12.

Holland Fen were always in charge to win the second rink 23-12.

The Fenmen also played impressively to beat Nomads 26-11 and 27-8 on the two rinks.

Invaders beat Parthians 6-0, with scorelines of 22-13 on Rod West’s rink and 20-10 for Scott Whyers.

Against A40, Invaders’ skip Rod West forged ahead to win 26-11.

The other match was much closer, with Invaders in the lead by just one shot after seven ends. They pulled away, but then had to hold on at the end as A40 came back at them strongly.

The final score was 24-21 to Invaders.

A40 and Parthians both faced Central last week, winning 6-0 in each case. Central were tied 12-12 after 11 ends against A40 on one rink, before Sue Hoyles’ team took control for A40 to win 20-13.

The second rink was an utterly dominant win for A40 by 37-6.

Parthians were in control on both rinks when they met Central, and went on to win 20-11 for Pete Bedford and 18-7 for Phil Markham.

Breakaways took eight points from their two matches, winning 6-0 against IBC on Monday, but took only two points against Royal Mail on Thursday.

They established early leads on both rinks against IBC and ran out 21-12 and 15-7 winners.

Mark Brown’s rink built a 14-1 lead against Royal Mail after nine ends. The Mail fought back to reduce the deficit to just three shots, before Breakaways finished strongly to win 25-16.

Keith Sharp for Royal Mail were always ahead on the other rink and posted a convincing 27-5 victory.

Royal Mail also faced Strollers but only took two points out of six.

Geoff Taylor for the Mail steadily built their lead on one rink to win 25-16. For Strollers, Andy Warne’s rink were initially behind, but then took control of the match and won 22-11.

The extra points for the aggregate went to Strollers by two shots.

IBC took all the points against Strollers. Dave Gill’s rink were always ahead and took the win by 21-14. On the other rink, the score was 12-11 after 15 ends, but IBC finished better to win 16-13.

Results in Division Two last week saw three teams end on 16 points, just four behind the leaders, Golfers.

Golfers shared the points 3-3 with Hotspurs in what was, arguably, the match of the week.

Mike Long’s rink for Hotspurs were trailing 4-14 after 14 ends, but they finished strongly with 13 unanswered shots to win 17-14.

The other rink was closely fought throughout, Golfers eventually winning 18-15 for skip Gordon Gallichan. The extra points for the aggregate were shared.

Dynamics and Autos both won 6-0, beating The Burtons and Vikings respectively.

They are now second and third in the table, separated only by shot difference.

Under skips Graham Wilkinson and Don Williams, Dynamics steadily built their leads on each rink to win 23-6 and 18-8.

Likewise, Autos were always in control against Vikings on both rinks. Good starts for Autos were followed by periods of recovery from Vikings, then the better finish for Autos.

They won 26-11 for skip Ivor Roberts and 19-13 for Chris Avison.

Amateurs beat U3 5-1. Tony Nixon’s rink won convincingly by 31-8 and were never behind. U3 were initially ahead on the other rink, but Amateurs under Ron Spence fought back and finished better to tie the match 17-17.

Vectors took four points in their match against Shipmates. Brian Sansam’s rink won 27-8 and were always in control.

Shipmates had the better of the other match, winning 19-7.

Patriarchs were able to field their first team of the season and produced an excellent 35-4 win for skip Mick Rate.

They had to forfeit the points on the second rink, but happily they are now playing in the competition.

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