Sleaford Town bowlers bounce back with four wins

With two matches cancelled to wet weather, Sleaford Town Bowls Club came out on top in four of their remaining five games.
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They opened with their only defeat, at home to St Giles in the EBA Driffill Trophy.

Just one rink won and one drew as the aggregate was lost 72-84. Andy Caress with Martin Titley and Larry Davies won 23-21, and Peter Annison, Neil Mapletoft and Trevor Cope drew 17-all, while the losing sets were John Parker, Kris Moore and Paul Jobson 15-19, and David Campbell, Phil Musson and Andrew Bird 17-27.

* At home on Sunday morning in the ASC Metals League, two winning rinks secured the aggregate 61-38 for eight points to two.

The rinks of Gerald Woodhead, Larry Davies and Roy Markham (26-8), and Peter Annison, Calum Campbell and Kris Moore (24-7) gave Town a good start, and the losing rink was Robin Wilson, Brian Srawley and Gwen Campbell (11-23).

* Town completed a good result at Branston in the City League, winning all four rinks 96-53 and a maximum 14 points.

John Parker, Martin Titley and Paul Jobson got away to a good start, going 9-1 up and scored steadily throughout to win 35-10.

Trevor Cope’s set of Robin Wilson and David Campbell won 22-11, Calum Campbell, Larry Davies and Andrew Bird won 19-15, and Andrew Morris, Kris Moore and Neil Mapletoft won 20-17.

* Away to Cranwell in the Sleaford League, three of four rinks were won in a heavy scoring match.

Cecelia Faulkner, Ken Dye and Bas Gilbert scored well in the first 11 ends, going 28-2 up before winning 37-12, while Andrew Bird, Calum Campbell and Larry Davies were 10–6 up at nine ends and then scored 24 shots to finish 34-10 winners.

Mick Jarrald, Brian Srawley and Gwen Campbell won 24-10, while Clive Steadman, Julie Cope and Ken Irwin fouight bavk from 4-14 down at 10 ends to lose 18-19 on a measure on the last end.

* Town hosted Grantham in the EBA League where two of the three rinks won to take eight points and the aggregate 59-37.

Martin Titley, Calum Campbell, David Campbell and Andrew Bird won 24-8, John Parker, Peter Stokes, Kris Moore and Paul Jobson won 18-9, while Robin Wilson, Roger Neaverson, Richard Barnes and Trevor Cope were pipped 17-20.