Geoff Norcott: I Blame The Parents showing at Lincoln

‘I Blame the Parents’ is Geoff Norcott’s fourth national tour, following on the back of ‘Conswervative’, ‘Traditionalism’ and ‘Taking Liberties’.

Geoff Norcott Photo: Karla Gowlett
Geoff Norcott Photo: Karla Gowlett

The tour comes to Lincoln Performing Arts Centre on March 26, at 7.30pm.

This time he talks less politics (alright, there will probably be a bit), but this new show will mostly explore personal responsibility, parenting and who should take the blame when things go wrong.

Whatever happened to the idea of personal responsibility? In the age of victimhood, it seems as though whatever’s wrong with your life it can be blamed on someone else. Governments, employers… some bigot from 400 years ago.

Where did it go wrong? It has to be the parents. Every generation there’s an opportunity for a new set of mums and dads to set their kids straight and make a stand against whatever trendy nonsense is currently doing the rounds. But do we? Or is it easier to give in to fear and the pursuit of a quiet life?

Geoff has also realised that he’s a bag of contradictions. Raised on a south London council estate by two maverick parents, there’s plenty he has to sift through. His dad was a trade union man who obsessed over stocks and shares. His mum was a closet chauvinist and far too frank on the subject of sex.

All of which has made Geoff an unusual person, and in this show he casts his unique comedic eye over his most diverse range of subjects yet.

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