Lincolnshire Coronavirus: 818,283 vaccinated according to latest figures

Just over half of the eligible population of Lincolnshire has had two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine.
Coronavirus stock image.Coronavirus stock image.
Coronavirus stock image.

Data released on Thursday shows altogether 818,283 jabs have been administered in the county between December 8 and May 30 — a further 50,695 in the last week, and 11% up on the 45,801 jabs given the week before.

The latest regional data mirrors that of the national figure with more than 54,366,166 cumulative doses having now been given out, of which 21,609,261 were second jabs.

It shows that some 485,299 Lincolnshire residents have received their first vaccine dose and 332,984 have been given their second.

Of those over the current eligible age of 30, a total of 458,978 have received their first vaccination and another 317,342 have had their second.

Some 26,321 people aged under 30 have received their first dose, with a further 15,642 receiving a second jab so far. This includes 16 to 40-year-olds who are clinically vulnerable and at more risk of serious symptoms of coronavirus.

Office for National Statistics estimates put the total adult (16+) Lincolnshire population at 629,926, meaning that around 77.06% of residents have now received their first jab and 50.38% their second.

In North Lincolnshire a total of 182,162 (75,349 second doses) vaccines have been distributed and 152,701 (59,655 second doses) have received a jab in North East Lincolnshire.

The Mass Vaccination Centre at Princess Royal Sports Arena (PRSA), Boston, has recently given its 100,000th vaccination.

PRSA is one of two Mass Vaccination Centres in Lincolnshire, along with the Showground near Lincoln.

The county also has a network of 13 local vaccination centres run by local GP practices.