Dad completes ‘unique’ challenge for son Bertie

A doting dad has taken on a rather exhausting challenge to raise money for a chromosome disorder charity that has supported his family.

Dean with his wife Melissa and two sons, Jossi (left) and Bertie.

Dean Jacklin, 36, has completed the ‘Two Point Six Challenge’, a charity initiative inspired by the London Marathon which would have raised tens of millions of pounds for good causes - had it not been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The challenge involved Dean running 2.6 miles every day, for 26 consecutive days - a total of 67.6 miles - in aid of the chromosome and gene disorder charity ‘Unique’. Dean completed the challenge last Thursday, and was applauded by his family and neighbours as he returned home victorious.

At the time of going to press, Dean had already raised more than £1,700 in donations.

Devoted dad Dean Jacklin with little Bertie

The inspiration behind Dean’s challenge was his 20-month-old son, Bertie, who has a rare ‘deletion syndrome’ which causes global development delay.

Dean, who lives in Marshchapel with his wife Melissa, four-year-old son Jossi, and Bertie, told the Leader: “Unique is a charity close to our hearts.

“Our youngest son Bertie has 8p23 deletion syndrome. One deletion is known of and one is completely unique to Bertie.

“Currently, we know he has global development delay. But, he’s doing amazing things and blows us away with his determination to succeed every day.

“A young lady with the same deletion syndrome as Bertie inspired me, after she decided to take part in the Two Point Six Challenge for Unique.

“After providing us with such positive vibes, I decided I’d try and help put some money back in their pot!

“It’s also a massive thank you from our family, as Unique were able to answer questions that our doctors couldn’t.”

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